What are the benefits?

Ultimately, we have identified a unique opportunity in the insurance market to create and leverage a PEO to minimize litigation risk for large construction projects. Key benefits include:

  1. Cost savings: Reducing or eliminating what is commonly referred to as “third party action-over” claims represents a tremendous cost savings to all involved with a construction project; some estimates are that 80 to 90% of GL claims costs emanate from such claims. In addition, premium audit costs are reduced dramatically with real-time payroll reporting

  2. Greater control: The PEO will administer payroll services and maintain real-time job-site payroll for more accurate reporting to the insurance carrier, monitor employee hiring/firing, and provide claims and loss control oversight

  3. Simplification: One WC policy for the entire wrap-up versus one for each sub-contractor (which on large projects could amount to hundreds). Statistics show that PEOs reduce WC claims by approximately 25 percent.


Why use PEO Wrap-Up?

There are over 700 PEOs countrywide, but none have focused on wrap-ups. PEO Wrap-Up brings the experience of over 100 wrap-ups and over $100 billion in construction, as well as deep wrap-up expertise and an expansive network of industry relationships.